Miracle on 44th Street?

No, even though it is almost December and trees are lit up all over Manhattan, this post is not about a little girl and a Santa-impersonator.  Even though I am a crime writer, I would not want to know about the sort of crime story that could lead could lead to.

This is about a mysterious sighting last evening.  At a few minutes before six, I had just turned the corner from Fifth Avenue onto Forty-fourth Street when I saw this:

Plenty of people were rushing past, east to Grand Central Station or west to the Theater District, but it was obvious that none of them had any connection whatsoever with the crutches abandoned there.

I walked another three steps and then I thought: I have just witnessed evidence of a miracle.  I could picture the former owner dropping them, taking a few steps and saying, "I can walk!"

(Fans of Downton Abbey will see Matthew Crawley recovering from his WWI injuries.)

After whipping out my phone and taking this picture, continuing on my way to dinner, I began my typical crime writer's fantasizing about what those abandoned instruments might mean if they were in a murder mystery.

Here's the challenge, mystery writers and readers out there: if it were your story in which this scene appeared, what would it mean to the solving the crime?  Please write us a scenario.

Annamaria Alfieri