How to Describe the House of Representatives

Let’s have some fun with our wordsmithing.  The situation our country finds itself in may defy description, but we can do our best.  To aid you in your attempts to express your feelings, I have devised a handy tool.  The following three columns will yield the most elegant and descriptive phrases for your discussion of the United States House of Representatives.   Just choose one word from each column.

If you have trouble picking, just think of any three numbers from one to ten.  For instance, my birthday, 3.17 yields “Infuriating farcical gasbags!”  666, the number for Satan yields “Shameful feckless bloodsuckers.”  You get the idea. 

If you think this blog post has nothing to do with crime or criminal activity, I want some of your medicine.

 Annamaria Alfieri