Settling in for the Summer

Harold and I have been back for a week or so now from our trip to the southland. We are expecting visitors, beloved family members, at the end of June and again at the end of July, so my plan for the summer is to hang around the house, entertain friends and feel swell about things generally. I do plan to put in an appearance at Deadly Ink, but since that's the weekend our son John will be visiting, I won't be staying overnight in New Brunswick.

Summers are great here, in spite of heat and humidity to rival that of Mississippi. The joys of summer in Lambertville include a ten-minute fireworks show every Friday, a delivery of organic vegetables every Saturday (at least for those of us who belong to the Honeybrook Organic Farm), and the opening of the Marshall House to visitors every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. This year it will also involve a senatorial campaign by Rush Holt, right now the smartest man in Congress (okay, the field of comparison is nothing special but he really is an extraordinary person). I would love to see him in the Senate. So maybe he will win the Democratic primary and it will be a totally wonderful summer.

In the meantime I bought some new porch furniture. It was reasonably priced and it's very nice; I got it online from the Wicker Warehouse. The old furniture had seen its day. The plastic wicker was rotting off, it was intractably dirty, and the chair had little spiders in it that used to creep out and bite Harold on his arms and legs while he was trying to read. After I finish cleaning the attic I plan to spend a lot of time lounging in the new rocking chair and catching up on my reading. On June 26 I might take a break and go to New York City, there to dance the tango at four o'clock in Dag Hammarsjold Plaza with Annamaria Alfieri and her flash mob.

Kate Gallison