Dancing to Promote Blood Tango

Last evening was the launch party for Blood Tango at wonderful Mysterious Bookshop on Warren Street in New York.  Among the dear friends who attended was Dan Gaba, photo editor for The Wall Street Journal.  Here is the photo you get when a consummate professional attends your launch.  THANK you, Dan.

I am really too distracted by the events of this week to write a cohesive sentence, much less a whole blog.  In fact, i am on my way in just a couple of hours to Dag Hammarskjold Park near the UN, where my Daughter is staging a tango flash mob to promote the book.  I am bringing the rented generator to run the sound equipment.  It is strapped into the passenger seat of my tiny sports car.

So in anticipation of my own flash mob to share, I am posting a couple of tango from YouTube.  The one I like best is the on of Florence in the snow.  All that snow is an extremely rare sight there.

Once the Blood Tango Flash Mob is edited, you will see it here.

Annamaria Alfieri