A Contest: Win an Autographed Copy of Blood Tango

First the beginning of the story:

Like many of his ilk, Malcolm Tent was a fisherman given to exaggeration.  One day he had an experience he was sure no one would believe so he never told anyone the story until he told it to me.  Now I will tell it to you.
It seems Mal was out in his boat fishing for carp one day.  The fishing was good, and he was reeling them in.  As he was removing a big one from his hook, he pricked the end of his finger, which started to bleed a little.  Mal reached into his pocket for his handkerchief.  As he pulled it out, his wallet fell out of the pocket, over the side of the boat, and began to sink out of sight before he could grab it.

Mal groaned, but he hardly had a second to comprehend the accident when a fish came to the surface with the wallet balanced on its nose.  Soon another fish came to the surface, and like a pair of seals with a ball at the zoo, they flipped the wallet around in a game of catch, and finally back into the boat.
Mal gave up fishing and exaggerating after that.  And he only once described how he became the only human being ever to see ….

A copy of Blood Tango to the first person to guess the ending and write it in the comments below.